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Para Trikes (PPT)

"Stop Dreaming, Start Flying"

About PPT Power Paratrike Pilot Training

PPT Power Paratrike Pilot Training Steps

  • Purchase a temporary (training) membership to SAHPA for R440 (can be done through schools with instructor assistance (this allows you to start flying under instructor supervision)

    • Valid for 6 months

    • Includes Third Party Liability Insurance

    • Includes your PG Training Manual and PG Theory Test

  • Purchase a PPG Training Manual (from your instructor). (not compulsory)

    • This book, “The Powered Paragliding Bible” is written by Jeff Goin

  • Order a suitable Paraglider Wing, one that can also be used for powered flight

    • (Your PPG instructor will guide you through the selection process.)

    • (Note: Many paragliding-only instructors are not familiar with the complications of powered flight, you should consult a knowledgeable and trustworthy PPG instructor on this matter)

  • Order a suitable Paramotor/trike based on your body mass, your location, and a few other aspects

    • (Your PPT instructor will guide you through the selection process)

  • You also need to acquire a suitable airband radio, headset, and helmet

    • Ask your instructor for recommendations

  • Start the ground school training first with your wing, without the motor

  • Learn to pull-up and kite the wing and control it overhead (usually 3 to 8 hours training required)

  • Complete a MINIMUM of 35 flights

  • Write the two theory tests at home, at your own leisure

  • Do the Aeronautical Radio Course, at any stage during your training

  • Once everything has been completed, your instructor will apply to SAHPA for your PPG Pilot License

  • Upgrade your SAHPA membership to full membership, (addition cost +- R300 -valid for one year from the start of your student membership)

  • Each year you will renew your license and SAHPA membership at R1,150 (note, change from year to year)

    • (You submit your flight log-book, and get an instructor or club licensing officer to sign the paperwork)

Duration: You should be able to complete the full course in one – four months part-time (evenings and weekends), depending on the effort you put in, the time you make available and the weather.

PPT Power Paratrike Pilot Training Cost – R15,000* (contact us for package deals)

Training Includes:

  • All training is done on own approved equipment

  • EAFS Training logbook with training modules and training schedules

  • PG/PPG Theoretical training (est. 9 Hours)

  • All Ground training (est. 5 hours)

  • All Engine Ground training (est. 1 hours)

  • First flight preparation, Pull ups etc. (3-4 hours)

  • Marking of both PG and PPG theoretical test, including corrections.

  • Completion of min 35flights flight training. Estimate the flight time of 30min per flight

  • Course fees valid for 6 months from first training day.

  • Include restricted Radio Course

  • SAHPA Student license fees of R450, valid for six months

Training Excludes:

  • Any out of town cost, traveling, accommodation

  • Temporary Grassland Club fees.

  • Exclude restricted Radio Course (R1,200 at Epic Aviation) 

Available Extras:

  • Student pack, include “Power paragliding Bible” from Jeff Goin, and DVD – R1,200

  • Various DVDs and books also available

  • Onsite training, at your place or area

  • Coastal accelerated courses available