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Para Chute (PPC)

"Stop Dreaming, Start Flying"

About PPC, Powered  Parachute Pilot Training

For South Africa you need a valid SAHPA/RAASA Pilots license. What is PPC, Powered parachute. Normally it will be a old style Sq Chute trike, steerable by your feet. Also it is normally a big tandem unit. In SA we still classify all tandem trikes as PPC’s, (soon it will change) Grassland Sport Facility

PPG Training Steps

  • Purchase a temporary (training) membership to SAHPA.
    • This can be done through schools with instructor assistance.
    • It allows you to start flying under instructor supervision.
    • The membership is valid for 6 months.
    • Includes Third Party Liability Insurance
    • Includes your PPC Theory Test
  • Purchase a PPC Training Manual (from your instructor).
    • It is optional.
    • The book, entitled “The Powered Paragliding Bible” by Jeff Goin.
  • You also need to acquire a suitable airband radio, headset and helmet  *(see cost on school intro course)
    • Ask your instructor for recommendations
  • Training Proses:
    • Start the ground school training first with out wing, engine control, steering etc.
    • Learn to pull-up and kite the wing and control it overhead (usually 2 hours training required)
    • Complete a MINIMUM of 10 hours of flying. (with est. Hours tandem instruction)
    • Write the two theory tests at home, at your own leisure
    • Do the Aeronautical Radio Course, at any stage during your training
  • Once everything has been completed, your instructor will apply to SAHPA for your PPC Pilot License
  • You will need to submit your flight log-book, and get any instructor  to sign the paperwork.
  • Upgrade your SAHPA membership to full membership (valid for one year from the start of your student membership)
  • Each year you will renew your license and SAHPA membership
  • Duration: You should be able to complete the full course in one to four months part-time (evenings and weekends), depending on the effort you put in, the time you make available and the weather.

Detail description of courses, R15,000*  (T&Cs apply)

  • All training on your own equipment
  • EAFS logbook with training modules and training schedules
  • PPC Theoretical Training (+- 3 Hours)
  • All Ground training (est. 5 hours)
  • All Ground Engine training (est.2hours)
  • First Flight preparation
  • Marking and corrections of exams (+- 3 Hours)
  • Completing of min 10 hours (est. 30min per flight)
  • Student pack
  • Restricted Radio license
  • SAHPA Student fees (est. R440), valid for six (6) months
  • Temporary Grassland Club fees
  • Any out of town cost, traveling and accommodation.
Available extras
  • “Power paragliding Bible” from Jeff Goin, and DVD  – R1,200 (excluding VAT) various DVD’s and books also available
  • Onsite training, at your place or area
  • Coastal  accelerated courses available
  • You are welcome to shop at Grassland for any paragliding pilot clothing and accessories