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Paramotor South Africa (Pty) LTD    RAA/014

Epic Flight and PPG School (Pty) Ltd. is the holding company for Epic Aviation, Importer and sales of Paragliding and Powered paragliding products in SA. VAT registered (2016/206414/07) with dealers throughout South Africa Paramotor South Africa (pty) Ltd is the holding company for Epic Aviation Training. We one of the largest schools in South Africa, Sub Sahara. Operating 7days a week, 24hours, Ok…. Almost! Paramotor SA is also one of few schools operating in South Africa under its OWN ATO!, (RAA/014),

It is law for any one in SA flying Paraglider, or any other form of Powered paraglider to have a VALID RAASA (SACAA) license. RAASA (Recreation Aviation Administration of South Africa) is the only body approved by SACAA to issue licenses. All other schools operate under a ATO that was issued by RAASA to SAHPA (South African Hang gliding and Paragliding Association). By Having our own ATO we operate direct under the LAW, not effected by red tape and constant changes made by controlling bodies or other schools. Keep in mind that SAHPA is only a ARO! All ATO get audited by RAASA. Schools with their own ATO gets audit direct by RAASA. Meaning, Standards and quality of highest standards. You as student will get the best quality of training possible.

Question: would you like to be operated on by a Dr that just passed his degree or would you prefer a Dr with distinctions?

Epic Aviation is the company with Distinctions, Grade A Instructors, Riaan Struwig and Tony Gibson WE OFFER THE FOLLOWING

Training on school equipment, Onsite training or training on your own equipment, Packages available to suit your specific needs.

Complete training package, RAASA National Pilots License for PPG, PPT, PPC, & PG
  • Include all ground training (on school equipment)
  • Include all practical training (Simulator training, Engine training etc)
  • Include all Flight Training, Min 35 flights
  • Include marking of OPEN Book Exams, All exams Open book, on your own time!
  • Restricted Radio License (only applicable for PPG, PPT, & PPC)
  • SAHPA Student Fees
  • Excluding:
    • Out of town travel cost (if client requires on site training)
    • License registration fees at RAASA on completion (est R1300)
    • Grassland Club Fees (R1,800, Valid for 6 months) (only applicably;le for pilots flying or training from Grasslands)

Package 1, PPG – Training on school equipment – R19,000

Package 2, PPG – Training on OWN equipment – R15,000

Package 3, PPT – Training on OWN equipment – R15,000

Package 4, PPC – Training on OWN Equipment – R15,000

Package 5, PG – Training on School and own Equipment – R12,500

Package 6, Conversion Courses, PG to PPG – School Equipment – R8,500

Package 7, Conversion Courses, PG to PPG – OWN Equipment – R4,500

Package 8, Conversion Course, PPG tp PG – Own Equipment – R4,500

All prices quoted inclusive. ON SITE TRAINING!

In your own town, on your own farm. ONE on One Training!

Paramotor SA offers their students around SA and Neighboring countries the opportunity to do onsite training. Training on your own airfield, own town or on your own farm. In most cases, weather permits you will be able to received your license under 8days. Contact us today for onsite training packages