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Epic Aviation is the only power paragliding manufacturer in South Africa. Our Spider range of power paragliders soon became a world class motor with dealers in the USA, Europe and Africa. The development of the Spider was done over almost 8 years of manufacturing PPG’s. With the latest technology, 3D modeling the Spider2 was launch early t2017 year and by end of 2017 the new LOW Attachment Spider3 was launched. With its unique frame and structure it is one of the most comfortable PPG’s on the market. Our based in Sunderland Ridge, Centurion at Grassland Sport club, one of the largest PPG and PG aerodromes. We operate 6 days a week, from full time to part time training on paragliding and power paragliding. Our Epic Shop is also based at Grassland Sport club with full range of PG and PPG equipment. Epic Aviation a leader in Powered paragliding, for sure! With more than 50 years of combined knowledge in aviation making us a leader in PPG in SA. Riaan and Tony, both Protea Pilots, Both Grade A instructors will be able to assist you with all your aviation needs when it comes to, Paragliding (PG), Powered Paragliding (PPG), Powered Paratrike (PPT), & Powered Parachute (PPC). Contact us today, Visit us at our facilities in Sunderland Ridge, Centurion. ” Don’t Dream it, DO IT”  

Riaan Struwig, Owner and GradeA – Chief Flight Instructor

I started my career as learner technician in the SA Air forced. Studied at Pretoria Technicon Electronic LC.

After the Airforce up to 2006 work for Denel as System Engeneer. From 2006 till know involved with manufacturing, sales and training of Powered paragliding pilots.
More than 30 years of Aviation Experience with more than 3000 Flying hours and thousand of Instructional  hours on PPG/PPC/PPT.

Protea National Colours in Powered Paragliding